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Sunshine on a plate! I love this recipe and make it whenever I have time. I found it originally on the fantastic smitten kitchen blog, which has a great, easy to follow recipe for Ratatouille just like the movie HERE!

Here are my minor alterations:

  1. I like to get as much flavor as possible into the tomato sauce base – I use my basic tomato sauce recipe and throw in a bunch of anchovies and herbes de provence!
  2. I don’t use parchment paper – I just put some tin foil over the top for the first 40 minutes of cooking, then take it off for the last 5-10 minutes so the veggies can brown a bit.
  3. I always put it over “Israeli” or “Pearl” couscous, which is this big pearl couscous with a great texture. Be sure to brown it a bit (appx 5 minutes) in olive oil, and I like to cook it in chicken or veggie broth instead of water for more flavor
  4. Sour cream and/or ricotto makes a great substitute for goat cheese.
  5. I don’t have a mandolin slicer, so I just slice relatively thin slices of everything with a good knife. Try to find the skinny, long chinese style eggplant, so you don’t end up with giant rounds of eggplant.

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