Welcome to the Kantellows food blog! For Laura and Dave on their very first Christmas as man and wife, this food blog is a gift from your family to help guide you through your very first few kitchen adventures. A mouthwatering collection of simple, easy to follow recipes that rotate through our own kitchens on a regular basis, we hope this will make everyday cooking a less daunting task for you, as well as provide you with a little bit of our very own home cookin’ wherever you might be settling in. A compilation of step-by-step photographs, handy tips, links, and some back-to-basics fundamentals for cooking neophytes, these recipes will provide you with beautiful, tasty food that comforts and delights. Wherever we can, we have tried to foolproof these well-worn recipes, anticipating speed bumps and vetting blinds spots for you along the way so that you can make the adjustments you need to as you go along. As it grows with additional posts from your ever-expanding circle of family and friends, we hope that some of them might even become staples for your new home(s), providing new reasons to gather, drink and be merry.

Lots of Love, Your Family.